Another successful case of Showtechled: the installation of outdoor LED stadium screen P10 in Tanzania, 268m²; brightness 6000cd/m²

the installation of outdoor LED stadium screen P10 in Tanzania, 268m²

The customer placed an order in November 2020, and it will be installed in August 2021. 

The installation location: Tanzania, Dar es Salaam; Azam Football Club, you can find it on Google Maps! 

 In August 2021, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,

 the outdoor stadium screen P10 independently developed and produced by Showtechled was successfully installed in a large stadium. 

 The 268-square-metre screen is part of a major upgrade to the stadium. 

The installation of this screen not only improves the quality of the stadium, 

but also brings a new audio-visual experience to the whole community. 

 As a new type of outdoor stadium screen P10 screen, the brightness of the screen can reach about 6000-8000 nits , 

and the color reproduction rate is as high as 98 %. It can work normally under strong outdoor sunlight , 

meeting the needs of various outdoor occasions . At the same time, the waterproof, anti-collision, 

and dust-proof performance of the screen is also very good. Even in harsh weather conditions,

 the screen can still work normally, ensuring the stable broadcast of the content on the screen . 

 The installation of the screen is not just simply placing a piece of screen on the ground of the stadium. 

At the same time , in order to ensure that the screen can work correctly and stably, 

installers also need to perform various technical tests and adjustments. 

 Showtechled needs to consider how to properly install the screen support structure, 

how to ensure the stability and safety of the screen, and how to correctly set the screen position and content division without affecting the viewing experience of the audience. 

 In addition, a variety of value-added services can be realized through the installation of this screen. 

The screen can be used to display various sponsor advertisements, promotional content, event information, 

etc. Through the selection and setting of the broadcast content, the attention of the audience can be better attracted, 

and the viewing experience and sense of participation of Showtechled can be enhanced. For sports venues, 

it can increase income, expand popularity and influence. However, the project was not all smooth sailing. 

During the actual installation process, the installers encountered various difficulties and problems. 

For example, the local climate conditions forced Showtechled to take special protective measures to ensure that the screen would not be affected by natural disasters. 

 In addition, the installers of Showtechled also need to find and solve some technical problems, 

such as how to reasonably transmit signals, how to set playback content, how to adjust screen brightness, 

etc. Generally speaking, the installation of the screen is a large-scale project, which requires a lot of manpower, 

material resources, financial resources and time. However, through the implementation of this project, 

the stadium has successfully improved its quality, brought a new audio-visual experience to the community,

 provided better support for various activities, and provided sponsors with a better return on investment. 

The successful implementation of this project is of great significance to Tanzania's sports and entertainment industry.