To prevent the injury in Nanchang from happening again, the new generation of rental products "LED transparent screen" is the first choice

To prevent the injury in Nanchang from happening again, the new generation of rental products "LED transparent screen" is the first choice

Recently, students in an elementary school in Nanchang City collapsed during the performance of the LED display screen on the stage, causing many students to be injured . This incident has aroused the attention of all walks of life.


LED transparent screen


of the LED display on the stage to ensure the safety of people on the stage .


Showtechled: Transparent screen/LED transparent screen P3.91-7.81 is undoubtedly a recommended high-quality stage LED display , which can not only improve the safety of the stage, but also enrich the expression of the stage.


Traditional stage rental screens , such as the R series , look stable, but the screens are heavy, with a single screen weighing up to 20kg, causing heavy damage to the steel structure , which may lead to the recurrence of incidents similar to the collapse of the Nanchang stage LED display .


While Showtechled: Transparent screen/Ice screen adopts transparent technology design, which has been well improved in terms of weight. The weight of a single screen body only reaches 7.9kg, which can not only withstand the wind resistance of class 10 typhoon, but also reduce the bearing force of steel structure, thus ensuring the safety of the stage.

LED transparent screen


1. Unique design: 45° bevel, arc lock design, can be spliced at right angles to meet more design creativity customization.


2. Ultra-high transmittance: The transmittance is 70%, ensuring the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as between floors and glass facade windows.


3. Wider viewing angle: ultra-wide viewing angle, vivid image, no dead angle


4. High-quality die-casting aluminum process: thin and light design, using die-casting aluminum cabinet, the weight is only 7.9kg, and the thickness is only 65mm, making the whole screen light and easy to lift, thin, transparent and easy to maintain


5. Low energy consumption: No need for traditional cooling system and air-conditioning heat dissipation, 38% more energy-saving than ordinary LED displays


6. High protection: The high waterproof level of IP66 can calmly meet the needs of various outdoor application scenarios and solve your worries.


7. Anti-collision design: The mask adopts an anti-collision design to protect the LED lamp beads from accidental damage, and also plays a vital role in the display effect of the entire screen.


8. Modular design modules and light panel details: high stability and easy maintenance


Secondly, theLED transparent screen of Showtechled can enrich the expression form of the stage and bring more possibilities to the performances of the students .


price of Hanrui photoelectricLED transparent screen is slightly higher than that of traditional stage rental screens , considering the long-term cost performance, Hanrui photoelectricLED transparent screen is still an excellent stage display .


Compared with the traditional stage display screen , it has shown great advantages in terms of safety and expressiveness. I believe that in the near future, theLED transparent screen of Showtechled will also become one of the first choices of more rental customers .

LED transparent screen


LED transparent screen