Show your style and make the stage shine! " Showtechled " recruits LED display foreign trade sales talents

Shenzhen Showtechled Co., Ltd., referred to as Showtechled, is a source manufacturer specializing in LED display R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing .


During this process, we discovered a problem - we need more foreign trade sales talents to help us expand our influence in overseas markets.


In order to attract more sales talents to join, our company " Showtechled " decided to launch a recruitment campaign. We hope to attract more experienced sales talents to join our team.


We believe that only with an excellent team can we create better products and compete for a larger market share.


As a foreign trade sales talent, what qualities do you need to have?


1. It is necessary to have good spoken English , French, Russian, Spanish , etc. , which is an indispensable condition for us to expand overseas markets.


2. Experience and knowledge related to foreign trade sales are required .


3. Need to be proactive, have good communication and cooperation skills, and be able to play different roles in teamwork.


If you want to be an excellent foreign trade sales talent, please join our team ! As long as you have dreams and determination, we will provide you with a stage to display your talents, let you shine and show your style.


As an employee of Hanray Optoelectronics, you will enjoy a series of benefits and training support.


We provide competitive salary and benefits, including five insurances and one housing fund, monthly rewards, year-end bonuses, paid annual leave, etc.


We will also provide each employee with professional training and promotion opportunities to help you continuously improve your professional quality and career development.


Have you been attracted by seeing this?


If you want to know more about us ( Showtechled ) , you can visit our official website www.showtechled.cn to learn more.


If you have any questions or want to join our team, please feel free to contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.