LED transparent screens

Congratulations! Showtechled "LED Ice Screen " won the first prize issued by China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association

Shenzhen Showtechled Co., Ltd., referred to as: Showtechled, is a company specializing in the R&D, design, production and marketing of LED mesh screens , LED transparent screens, LED ice screens, and LED special-shaped custom screens . source manufacturer .

LED transparent screens


Recently, the good news came that the LED ice screen independently developed by Showtechled won the first prize issued by the " China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association " . The winning of this honor not only represents the outstanding performance of Showtechled in the leasing industry, but also demonstrates its leading position in the leasing field.

LED transparent screens

Since its establishment, Showtechled has been committed to the development and manufacture of LED ice screens . The company has a research and development team composed of experienced engineers and professional technical teams, constantly improving its technical strength and innovation capabilities. With excellent technology and professional service, Showtechled has won high recognition and trust from customers.


Winning the first prize issued by China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association this time is a full affirmation of Showtechled' efforts and achievements over the years. This award is selected annually by the China Association of Performing Arts Equipment Technology, and aims to honor those companies that have made outstanding contributions in the rental field. With its excellent product quality and outstanding technological innovation, Showtechled stood out and successfully won this lofty honor.


The product line of Showtechled covers many fields such as LED outdoor grid screen , LED transparent screen , LED ice screen and LED special-shaped customization . The company strictly follows international standards in product design and manufacturing, and constantly introduces advanced production technology and equipment to ensure that the quality and performance of products reach international standards. At the same time, Showtechled is also actively carrying out all-round technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, and constantly promotes the innovation and development of LED transparent screens/rental screens/ice screens .


LED transparent screens

In order to provide better products and services, Showtechled has also established a first-class after-sales service team. Whether it is product installation and debugging or fault maintenance, Showtechled can provide customers with all-round support and assistance in a timely manner. This kind of solid after-sales service has won a wide reputation and user recognition for Showtechled.


Showtechled has always maintained a leading position in technology research and development and innovation. The company pays attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known universities. Through cooperation with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, Showtechled can fully learn from the latest scientific research results and advanced technologies, and continuously improve its own research and development capabilities and technical level.


In the future, Showtechled will continue to adhere to the principle of customer demand-oriented and technological innovation as the driving force, continuously strengthen technological innovation and product research and development, and bring more high-quality products and solutions to the leasing industry. At the same time, Showtechled will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts to promote the common development and progress of the industry.


Showtechled won the first prize issued by China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, which is a high recognition of our company's outstanding achievements in the field of LED transparent screen/rental screen/ice screen manufacturing and technology research and development. The acquisition of this honor will further promote the influence and status of Showtechled in the industry, and will also encourage Showtechled to continuously pursue excellence and make greater contributions to the development of the leasing industry.


Showtechled, a national high-tech enterprise leading the future with technology, will continue to be committed to the innovation and development of the leasing industry , and provide customers with better products and services. I believe that in the near future, Showtechled will achieve more honors and achievements.



LED transparent screens