LED transparent screen

Showtechled | LED transparent screen T-pro series: Why is it so popular among lessors and media companies ?

LED transparent screen T-pro series is an outdoor LED rental screen newly designed by the R & D team of Showtechled , which comprehensively considers many factors such as performance, durability , price , waterproof, clarity, brightness, and quick installation .


LED transparent screen products adopt the most advanced technology and materials, providing high-definition, high-brightness, high-refresh-rate and efficient waterproof and dustproof display effects for stage rental, outdoor activities, advertising rental, party scenes and shopping malls.


LED transparent screen

product advantages of Showtechled LED transparent screen ?


High brightness: The brightness of the LED transparent screen T-pro series reaches 5500cd/m², which ensures that the image is clearly visible even outdoors under direct sunlight.


High refresh rate: The refresh rate of this product is as high as 3840hz, ensuring smooth and flicker-free images and bringing the ultimate visual enjoyment to the audience.


High permeability: The transparency of the LED transparent screen T-pro series has reached about 70%, which greatly improves the transparency of the environment, and can display images without affecting the transmission of natural light.


High waterproof and dustproof level: This product has a waterproof level of IP66, which fully meets the needs of outdoor all-weather use. No matter it is rain or dust, its performance cannot be affected.


Because of its excellent performance and wide applicability, the LED transparent screen T-pro series is widely used in the following scenarios:


Stage rental: Whether it is a large concert or a small concert, LED transparent screens can add a lot of color to the stage and provide a perfect background board.


Outdoor activities: For outdoor sports events, street art performances, etc., LED transparent screens can not only provide real-time live broadcasts, but also be part of the activities.


Advertising rental: Merchants can play promotional advertisements through LED transparent screens to increase brand awareness.


Party scene: At parties held by various companies and schools, LED transparent screens can provide stunning visual effects and enhance the entertainment of the party.


Shopping malls: LED transparent screens can be used as internal advertising screens in shopping malls to provide product information push and promotion notifications.


The LED transparent screen T-pro series is deeply loved by lessors and media companies because of its excellent performance and wide range of applications. A leaser said: "Since purchasing the LED transparent screen from Hanray Optoelectronics, our business has been greatly improved. Especially in outdoor activities, we are impressed by its high brightness and high refresh rate."


The LED transparent screen T-pro series of Showtechled has already occupied a place in the LED rental market due to its excellent performance, wide range of applications and excellent user feedback.


For rental companies and media companies looking for high quality, high durability and cost-effectiveness, the LED transparent screen T-pro series is undoubtedly an ideal choice. The price per square meter is about 5k, which also makes it highly competitive in terms of cost performance.


Showtechled' LED transparent screen T-pro series will continue to bring more innovations and surprises in the future, meet the needs of more users, and create more possibilities.

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