showtechled won the top ten in the 2022 HC LED Display Brand Event!

showtech won the top ten in the 2022 HC LED Display Brand Event!

On December 1, the top ten list of the 2022 HC LED Display Industry Brand Event of "Journey·Dream and Glory" was announced.


After a total of three months of online voting and online expert review meetings, Shenzhen Hanrui Optoelectronics finally passed the selection process and won the top 10 of the "Top Ten LED Flexible Display and Transparent Display Application Screen Brands " .




Hanrui LED grid screen and transparent display products have been widely used in more than 10,000 large-scale projects at home and abroad.


In Russia's Times Square, Hanrui Optoelectronics ' 12 00outdoor LED curved screen stands in the midst of traffic;


In many fields such as public security command, radio and television broadcasting, outdoor media, high-end commercial displays, stadiums, architectural floodlights, airport rail transit, education and medical care, government affairs conferences, corporate publicity, and smart transportation,


You can see the figure of Hanrui Optoelectronics display screen - Shanghai Art Museum , Xuzhou Suning Plaza naked eye 3D screen, Xi'an Middle Street naked eye 3D screen, Columbus Convention Center 3D head sculpture, Singapore Telecom advertising wall... Hanrui Optoelectronics The small-pitch screen presents the splendor of the times to the world.



In the field of small-pitch display screens, Hanrui Optoelectronics has repeatedly made breakthroughs , set off industry waves again and again, and continues to be at the forefront of LED industry technology.


Up to now, Hanrui Optoelectronics intelligent display system has basically achieved the goal of global production and independent controllability.


In the future, Hanrui Optoelectronics will continue to use innovative technology to create more high-quality benchmarking cases in the LED industry , and provide customers at home and abroad with more high-quality LED display products and solutions!