Outdoor LED Mesh Screen

Another successful case of Showtechled " Outdoor LED Mesh Screen P12.5" 402m² Moscow Center CBD area

In the bustling city center of Moscow, Russia , a huge LED Mesh screen was successfully lit up in the central area of the CBD. This is another successful case of Showtechled' latest outdoor LED Mesh screen C1212 in Russia.


This project only took a few months from order placement to completion , and its successful operation now has added an important dimension to the global business expansion of Showtechled. Showtechled, a well-known source factory in the field of global outdoor LED Mesh screens , has always focused on outdoor LED Mesh screens .


With its continuous innovation of outdoor LED Mesh screens , Showtechled has successfully created many successful outdoor LED Mesh screen case projects around the world . The 402- square-meter outdoor LED Mesh screen C1212 installed in the central area of the CBD in Moscow, Russia , is one of the highlights.


Outdoor LED Mesh Screen


Lets introduce the successful case of Showtechled in Russia Moscow Center 402m²”!


As the economic center of Russia, with developed commercial and financial industries and the convergence of people, vehicles and information, Moscow has always been a battleground for LED display manufacturers .


This time, the Moscow CBD Center in Russia adopted an outdoor LED Mesh screen called C1212. The pixel pitch of this product is P12.5×12.5. The advantage of this product is its modular design and waterproof design, which makes the entire screen more flexible during installation and easier to maintain.


After several months of hard work before and after the project , this large-scale outdoor LED Mesh screen project was finally completed . The 402- square-meter outdoor LED Mesh screen C1212 was successfully installed and operated in the central area of Moscow CBD. This huge LED screen not only attracted the attention of many citizens and tourists, but also won a good reputation for Showtechled in the Russian market.


 Outdoor LED Mesh Screen


this project marks that Showtechled' position in the Russian market has been further improved. Showtechled has won the trust and praise of customers with its excellent product quality and professional implementation capabilities. At the same time, this project also fully demonstrates the technical strength and service capabilities of Showtechled on a global scale.


Showtechled has always adhered to the customer-centered service concept and helped customers enhance their brand influence and realize commercial value through high-quality products and services. This project is no exception. Through the successful implementation of this project, Showtechled has established a close cooperative relationship with customers, laying a solid foundation for future business expansion.


For Showtechled, this project is not only a successful business case, but also a demonstration of brand influence. On the road to globalization, Showtechled always adheres to innovation, pursues excellence, and is committed to providing customers with the highest quality visual display solutions.

 Outdoor LED Mesh Screen