Transparent LED Display TI-0307(Indoor)

Quick Detail: TI-0307 (Indoor)

Transparency Rate: 65%
Brightness: 2000-5000/㎡
Cabinet size: 1000(W)×1000(H)×60(D)mm
Cabinet weight: 8.5kg
Viewing angle: 160°(horz.), 160° (vert.)
Refresh rate: 1920 / 3840(Hz)
Maintenance type: Back Maintenance
place of origin: Shenzhen, China

TI series Product advantages

  • Ultra-high transmittance:With a transmittance of 66%, it ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as between floors, glass facade windows, etc.
  • wider perspective: Ultra-wide viewing angle, the image is vivid and vivid without dead ends
  • Newly upgraded high-quality lamp beads: Higher brightness, longer life, more power saving
  • Ef fective Waterproof: High-density production of every detail, IP65/54, All-round waterproof, no need to worry about the troubles caused by the weather.
  • High-quality aluminum prof iles: Aluminum material makes the whole screen light and easy to hoistThin, transparent and easy to maintain
  • Low energy consumption: No need for traditional cooling system and air conditioner to dissipate heat, 38% energy saving than ordinary LED display
  • Details of lamp beads: Front lighting means that the lamp beads are on the front, round lamp beads, when the screen is displayed, the brightness of the back will be weaker. Side lighting means that the lamp beads are installed on the side, and the square lamp beads, when the screen is displayed, the back side is illuminated.Brightness will be stronger, customers can choose according to their own needs

LED Transparent screen TI series installation support

Use the scene in the whole environment, no longer need to worry about the installation problem: Hanging installation, Fixed installation

TI series indoor transparent screen series
Product numberTI-0205MTI-0205TI-0303TI-0307TI-0307LTI-0707TI-1010
Pixel Pitch 2.6*5.22.8*5.63.91*3.913.9*7.83.9*7.87.8*7.810.4*10.4
 LED configurationSMD1515SMD1921SMD1515SMD1921SMD1921SMD2727SMD1921
Scanning Mode(S)1/121/111/161/161/81/41/2
Pixel density (pixel /)7372861952655363276832768163849216
Transparency Rate50%52%50%65%65%70%75%
Optimal View Distance(m)
Brightness (cd/)35004000/700035002000/50004500/70004500/70004500/6500
Module size (Width*high*thick mm)500*125*12
Module resolution (Width*highpixel)192*24176*22128*32128*16128*1664*1648*12
Cabinet size(Width*high*thick mm)1000*1000*60
Cabinet resolution (Width*highpixel)384*192352*176256*256256*128256*128128*12896*96
Max Power Consumption(W/m²)600-800
Avg Power Consumption(W/m²)180-230
Viewing angle160°/160°
Cabinet materialAluminum profile
Cabinet weight(kg)8.5
degree of protection(forward/back)IP30
Application Environmentindoor
Refresh rate(Hz)1920 / 3840
Gray scale(bit)14-16Bit
Operating Temperature- 20°C~50°C
Life Span 100,000Hour
Installation / maintenance typeBack maintenance

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