Indoors Rental LED Screen

Quick Detail: R10-1.9

Pixel Pitch: 1.9mm
Brightness: 500-600/㎡
Cabinet size: 500(W)×1000(H)×85(D)mm
Cabinet weight: 6.8kg
Viewing angle: 160°(horz.), 160° (vert.)
Refresh rate: 1920/3840Hz
Maintenance type: Front/Back maintenance
Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China

LED rental screen R10 series Product advantages

  • Modular Design:Modules, frames and control boxes can be deliveryed installed separately.
  • Arc Lock Design: 2 Styles: Flat&Curve, 7 Degrees: ±15°,±10°,±5°,0°
  • Fast Installation & maintenance:Front & Rear maintenance, convenient and efficiente
  • Front maintenance : 1. Module magnetic installation(Optional) 2. Magnetic ​LED modules that are very easy to replace
  • Rear i ntenance: 1. Remove he screws 2. Take the modules
  • RWaterproof Design:For outdoor product, the IP rating is IP65(Front) and IP54(Rear)
  • Various Sizes and Pixel Pitch Available:Cabinet Size: 500mm*1000mm*85mm /500mm*500mm*85mm
  • Anti-knock Design:The panel has Anti-knock desgin, effective protection module in damaged.
  • Single Person Operation:One person can complete product installation, disassembly and maintenance, save time and manpower cost.
  • Installation methods:Both stacking and hanging installation

LED rental screen R10 series

With curved locks.R9 series can also make curved and flat connection,more versatility and convenient. Front Maintenance:Module magnetic installation (Optional) Magnetic LED modules that are very easy to replace.Waterproof:For outdoor product,the lP rating is IP65(Front) and IP54(Rear).Wide Range of Application:R4series can be applied to both rental and fixed installation LED display market.

LED rental screen R10 series technical parameters
Product numberR10I-1.9-GOBR10I-2.6R10I-2.9R10I-3.9R10I-4.8R10O-2.9R10O-3.9R10O-4.8
Pixel Pitch 1.952.6042.973.914.812.973.914.81
 LED configurationSMD1415SMD2020SMD1415SMD1921
Scanning Mode(S)1/321/321/281/321/131/211/161/13
Pixel density (pixel /)26214414745611289665536655361128966553643264
Optimal View Distance(m)1.9-192-202.9-293.9-394.8-482.9-293.9-394.8-48
Brightness (cd/)500/600600/70050004500
Module size (Width*high*thick mm)250*250
Module resolution (Width*highpixel)128*12896*9684*8464*6452*5284*8464*6452*52
Cabinet size(Width*high*thick mm)500*500*85500*1000*85
Cabinet resolution (Width*highpixel)256*256192*384168*336128*256104*208168*336128*208104*208
Max Power Consumption(W/m²)580750
Avg Power Consumption(W/m²)190250
Viewing angle160°/160°
Cabinet materialAluminum
Cabinet weight(kg)6.912.5
degree of protection(forward/back)IP31IP65
Application Environmentindoorsoutdoors
Refresh rate(Hz)3840192038401920
Gray scale(bit)14-16Bit
Operating Temperature - 20°C~50°C
Life Span100,000 hour
Installation / maintenance type Front maintenance / Back maintenance

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