Variety and variety! Showtechled LED outdoor mesh screen gives you the best experience!

Variety and variety! Showtechled Outdoor Mesh LED Display gives you the best experience!

As people's demand for high-quality outdoor advertising continues to grow, LED outdoor mesh screens have gradually become a popular choice in shopping malls, squares, subway stations and other public places.


As an enterprise specializing in the development and production of LED display products, Showtechled has excellent technology accumulation and product innovation capabilities in this field, and is one of the leading manufacturers in the global LED standard field.


As one of the main products of Showtechled, LED outdoor mesh screen has a very high reputation and reputation in the industry.


LED outdoor mesh screen is beautiful in shape, high in permeability , easy to install, clear in picture quality without water ripple, and outstanding in energy saving effect.

LED outdoor mesh screen


The main features of LED outdoor mesh screen are:


1. High permeability


The LED outdoor mesh screen has a transmittance as high as 45-75 % , which makes the LED mesh screen achieve a higher transmittance, and at the same time can minimize the weight of the LED mesh screen . This also creates a more environmentally friendly and beautiful beautification effect for the buildings with beautiful shapes .


2. High-value LED grille screen


The LED outdoor mesh screen adopts high-definition display technology, which can display the vivid and three-dimensional colors of the advertising screen to the greatest extent, so as to achieve a better visual experience.


3. High adaptability


design of LED outdoor mesh screen fully takes into account the use of different environmental conditions, and can adapt to changes in various high temperature and cold environments. At the same time, the LED outdoor grille screen is more adaptable during installation, and can adapt to high-floor installation and disassembly scenarios.


In addition to the LED outdoor mesh screen, another star product of Showtechled - LED transparent screen/ice screen is also favored by the majority of users.


LED transparent screen/ice screen can perfectly integrate the design of transparency and appearance , so that the outline of the advertisement with clear outline and bright color is natural and lifelike when the light and dark alternate.


The LED transparent screen is fashionable and gorgeous, stepping into the vision, and the sense of activity is quite prominent. The excellent application effect has been widely recognized by the rental market.


In this process , the production process of Showtechled strictly follows the requirements of international standards, and has ISO9001, CE, ROHS and other product certifications, which can bring more reliable and stable guarantees to users.


In addition, Showtechled also performed well in pre-sales + sales + after-sales services, established a sound and efficient service network, and provided customers with various after-sales guarantees, including pre-sales services, program design, technical support, installation and commissioning , Troubleshooting etc.


Showtechled always takes innovation as the guide, quality as the life, and market as the guide, and has achieved a series of leapfrog development and innovation in the LED display industry.


I believe that in the days to come, Showtechled will surely shine in the LED industry and contribute its own strength to promote the development and growth of the industry.

LED outdoor mesh screen