outdoor Transparent screen Rental screen

" Stage display " leads the future Showtechled ' new product " outdoor Transparent screen Rental screen" shines in LED China

On July 17 , the 20th International LED Exhibition was grandly opened at Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center.




Showtechled participated in the exhibition with cutting-edge products, innovative technologies and multi-scenario solutions such as outdoor transparent screens /rental screens , outdoor grid screens , dynamic interactive floor tile screens , and photoelectric glass .


many new products debuted offline for the first time, bringing immersive stage experience and strong visual impact, fully demonstrating the profound strength of Showtechled in LED transparent screens .


In this exhibition, Hanray Optoelectronics released the T - pro series of outdoor Transparent screen Rental screens, which realized the universal full coverage of the display ( from P 3.91 to P 31.2 ) .




Showtechled outdoor LED transparent screen /rental screen T-pro series has the following industry-leading technologies:


1. Unique cut corner design: 45° cut corner, arc lock design, straight-angle splicing, to meet more design and creative customization.

2. Ultra-high light transmittance: 70% light transmittance, the background is clearly visible, ensuring the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as between floors and glass facade windows.

3. Ultra-wide viewing angle: High-precision color reproduction, ultra-wide viewing angle, the image is vivid and vivid without any dead angle.

4. High-quality die-casting aluminum profile: light and thin design, using die-casting aluminum box, the weight is only 7.9Kg, the thickness is only 65mm, making the whole screen light, easy to lift, thin, transparent, and easy to maintain.

5. High protection: with front and rear IP66 high waterproof level, it can calmly meet the needs of various outdoor application scenarios and solve your worries.

6. Anti-collision design: The mask adopts anti-collision design to protect the LED lamp beads from accidental damage, and also plays a vital role in the display effect of the entire screen.

7. Modular design: modular design, stability, easy maintenance, module size: 500mmx125mm.

8. Multiple installation methods: support stacking, assembling, hoisting, all-environment use scenarios, no need to worry about installation problems.


LED this time China At the exhibition , the new generation of outdoor LED transparent screen /rental screen/Transparent screen Rental screen T-pro series display products exhibited by Showtechled won the first prize of video display + second level of knowledge patent + DISP display application innovation award of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association.





Showtechled launched a heavy attack with classic LED transparent screen products and solutions, using technology and creativity to create a feast of visual effects, highlighting Showtechled ' forward-looking and strong technical accumulation in the LED stage rental industry and transparent screen field.


In the future, Hanray Optoelectronics will continue to promote the collaborative innovation of the LED grid screen and transparent screen industry chain, and demonstrate the brand strength of Hanray Optoelectronics in the world's transparent screen display field .