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Self-recommendation | Showtechled LED Mesh screen : a unique feature that cannot be missed !

In the current era of AI digitalization, the LED Mesh screen has become an inseparable part. However, it is not easy to find a high-quality and reliable LED Mesh screen source production supplier .


Today, Showtechled recommends this flagship product: "LED Mesh Screen". Before introducing ourselves, let me briefly introduce our company " Showtechled".


LED Mesh Screen

Shenzhen Showtechled Co., Ltd., referred to as: Showtechled, is a company specializing in the R&D, design, production and marketing of LED Mesh screens, LED transparent screens, LED ice screens, and LED special-shaped custom screens. source manufacturer.


The company is headquartered in Dalang Street, Hua District, Shenzhen. The factory has a production area of more than 6,000 square meters, modern production and manufacturing equipment, and modern and advanced operation lines.


 Showtechled has independently developed the C series of LED outdoor Mesh screens/special-shaped customized Mesh screens, and the T-pro series of LED transparent screens/rental screens/ice screens.


At the same time, " Showtechled" is also a national high-tech enterprise, a professional high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Shenzhen, a member of Shenzhen Semiconductor, a member of Guangdong Entertainment Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce, and the director unit of Guangzhou Dance Art Association, etc. wait.

At present, our company has accumulatively obtained 10 invention patents, 35 software copyrights, more than 118 utility model patents, and more than 35 design patents.


At the same time, it also won the first prize of the Product Progress Award issued by the China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association + the second prize of the Intellectual Property Award + the UDE Disp Award Application Display Award + the 2023 Display Application Award of Veken.com + the top ten flexible products of Huicong.com in 2022 Display and transparent display application brand award.

LED Mesh Screen

Let me introduce myself to our main product "LED Mesh screen"


The LED Mesh screen of Showtechled has a high transmittance of 30-60%, which can make the indoor lighting effect of the building behind it better.


The power box, module, receiving card, control box, etc. of the LED Mesh screen of Showtechled all support front and rear installation and maintenance, which is convenient to use.


The front/rear IP65/IP54 waterproof level of the LED Mesh screen of Showtechled Co. , Ltd. can calmly meet the requirements of various outdoor use scenarios.


Support bare installation: Showtechled' LED Mesh screen can be directly installed on the steel structure without wrapping or installing air conditioners for heat dissipation, which effectively saves materials and installation costs.


Energy saving: Showtechled' LED Mesh screen has a maximum power consumption of 360W/m² and an average power consumption of 100W/m². It does not need to install an air conditioner for heat dissipation, and it can dissipate heat through natural wind.


The modular design and mass production of the LED Mesh screen module of Showtechled can ensure the stability of the module.


The LED Mesh screen of Showtechled adopts die-casting aluminum technology, the material used is aluminum, the high temperature resistance is + 50 degrees, and the low temperature resistance is - 40 degrees, so that the product can maintain stable performance in various harsh environments. No matter in cold winter or hot summer, Showtechled LED Mesh screen can run stably and provide users with reliable display effect.


The LED Mesh screen of Showtechled has many unique advantages. Its high-quality display effect, delicate color reproduction and high resolution bring users visual enjoyment beyond imagination. Whether it is in commercial advertisement or entertainment display, this LED grille screen can present stunning images for users.


Showtechled' LED Mesh screen display has a wide range of application scenarios, including commercial centers, shopping centers, stations, public squares and other outdoor advertising occasions, as well as real-time traffic information display in transportation fields such as highways, railways, airports, and subway stations. .


Showtechled LED Mesh screen is also highly customizable, and different sizes and shapes can be selected according to needs to create unique advertising display effects.


LED Mesh Screen


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