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Hubei Yiborui and Shenzhen Showtechled jointly present the grand solo concert of "Liu Cong Returns to 2000"

Recently, there has been a craze in the world of music. Hubei Yiborui Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Showtechled Co., 

Ltd. have joined hands to successfully bring an audio-visual feast to music lovers - "Liu Cong-Back to 2000" solo concert, 

held in 2023 November 4th, address: Duckbill Park, Malanshan, Changsha City, Hunan Province .


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Outdoor rental screen

Hubei Yiborui and Mr. Wang from Shenzhen Showtechled took a group photo on site


This concert is the product of the strong alliance between the two companies. Hubei Yiborui Culture Media Co., Ltd., as the organizer of this concert,

 successfully planned and organized this concert with its unique perspective and deep understanding of music. Shenzhen Showtechled Co., 

Ltd. provided technical support for the concert. Its advanced " outdoor Rental screen" added bright colors to the concert, making the entire stage like a colorful dream.


The concert kicked off with warm applause. Liu Cong, a powerful singer, has brought classic songs to the audience one after another with his soulful voice and solid singing skills. 

Each song seems to be a story, taking the audience through time and space and back to the year 2000, which is full of memories.

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the entire concert is also outstanding. Showtechled' LED outdoor Rental screen presents a variety of dazzling images, which perfectly blends with Liu Cong's singing,

 bringing an immersive audio-visual experience to the audience. The lighting equipment changes according to the emotion of the song, sometimes soft and sometimes warm, adding a strong atmosphere to the concert.


In addition, Hubei Yiborui also carefully arranged interactive sessions with the audience. Liu Cong walked off the stage, 

had close contact with the audience, and shared his music experience. At this moment, the distance between the singer and the audience was shortened, and the magic of music permeated the entire venue.


This "Liu Cong-Back to 2000" solo concert is not only a musical feast, but also a spiritual communication. It reminds people of that innocent era and feels the warmth and power brought by music.


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Behind the scenes is the countless days and nights of hard work from Hubei Yiborui and Shenzhen Showtechled. From planning,

 organization to execution, every aspect is a reflection of their sweat and wisdom. 

The cooperation between the two companies demonstrates the perfect combination of culture and technology, and also injects new vitality into the Chinese music industry.


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"Wang Wenping", General Manager of Showtechled

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Showtechled outdoor Rental screen 300m², supports customization


The successful holding of this concert not only enhanced Liu Cong's personal brand influence, but also brought high reputation to Hubei Yiborui and Shenzhen Showtechled

They have proved with practical actions that only the perfect combination of true art and technology can create works that touch people's hearts.


The "Liu Cong-Back to 2000" solo concert has become a memory of an era. It is not only a music carnival, but also a nostalgia for the past and expectations for the future.


We look forward to Hubei Yiborui and Shenzhen Showtechled cooperating again to bring us a new round of visual feast, and let us look forward to more cooperation and creation in their future .


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