LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen P3.91×7.81: Winner of the 2023 Creative Display Application Solution Award

Recently, our company " Showtechled" won the honor again, and won the " 2023 Creative Display Application Solution Award " issued by OFweek 2023 New Display Technology and Application Conference.


LED transparent screen


Behind this honor is the hard work and unremitting pursuit of all employees of Hanrui Optoelectronics. Among them, Hanrui Optoelectronics' high-profile LED LED transparent screen T-pro series is the focus of the award.


Let us explore the unique charm of the T-pro series of LED LED transparent screens together !


The LED LED transparent screen T-pro series is created by the professional LED display R& D team of Showtechled. Through in-depth insights into market demand, they carefully designed the LED LED transparent screen T-pro series of products with creative display application solutions.


This product not only has excellent display effect, but also through innovative technology, its brightness reaches 5500cd/mp², outdoor waterproof level IP66, clarity reaches 3840hz, and the transparency rate reaches about 70%, bringing users an unprecedented visual experience .


the LED LED transparent screen T-pro series, we have to mention its excellent performance. Using the most advanced display technology, the product can display vivid colors, clear and detailed image display effect, which is amazing. Whether it is used in commercial display, advertising or entertainment media, it can show excellent expressiveness and visual impact .


The uniqueness of the LED transparent screen T-pro series lies in its high brightness of 5500cd/m², full waterproof IP66, quick lock installation, rental or fixed installation, support for splicing, right angle, arc, etc., and can form a naked-eye 3D large screen .


research and development team of Showtechledenables this series of products to achieve a variety of creative display effects. From the unpredictable light and shadow effects to the shocking naked-eye 3D display screen, every detail shows the spirit of Showtechledto keep improving .


Not only that, Hanrui Optoelectronics' LED LED transparent screen T-pro series also pays attention to user experience. The engineers of Showtechledhave undergone repeated research and development and optimization to ensure that the products are more humanized and convenient during use.


LED LED transparent screen T-pro series has fast display response speed, good reliability and stability, and can run stably for a long time, bringing users a comprehensive application experience.


With the continuous advancement of digitalization, the demand for creative display application solutions is increasing day by day. The award-winning Bingping T-pro series reflects Hanrui Optoelectronics’ leading position in the field of innovation.


Showtechledwill continue to innovate, continue to improve the technical strength and user experience of its products, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.


LED transparent screen


The award of the Bingping T-pro series is an affirmation of the technical strength and product quality of Hanrui Optoelectronics. Looking forward to the future, we believe that in the near future, Showtechledwill be able to bring more amazing and creative display application solutions, leading the trend of industry development!