outdoor LED rental screen

Stage rental! Showtechled is the first LED rental screen to be fully waterproof, creating the top outdoor LED rental screen on the market!
In today's AI display era, LED rental screens have become an important display tool for various occasions, from stage displays, celebrity concerts, large-scale outdoor activities, outdoor sports events , outdoor music festivals , etc. , attracting people with their unique display charm. People's eyes.


P3.91×7.81 " launched by Showtechled , with its unique design and excellent performance, has brought a new display trend to the outdoor rental market , and also brought new trends to rental companies. display .


outdoor LED rental screen


Lets take a look at the advantages of Showtechledfully waterproof LED rental screen.


1. Unique design: 45° bevel, arc lock design, right-angle splicing


The LED rental screen adopts a 45° bevel design, which not only improves the audience's visual experience, but also gives people a novel feeling in appearance. The arc lock design makes the screen flatter and stronger when spliced, ensuring the stability and durability of the screen. Its right-angle splicing function makes the screen more convenient and flexible when splicing, can meet the installation needs of various complex sites, and provides designers with more creative customization possibilities.


2. Ultra-high permeability : 70% permeability , ensuring lighting structure


The transparency of the LED rental screen is as high as 70%, which effectively ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as between floors and glass facade windows. This means that even in poor lighting conditions, viewers can clearly see what's on the screen. Its high transmittance also reduces the light pollution caused by the screen to the surrounding environment, allowing it to coexist harmoniously in various outdoor environments.


3. Wider viewing angle: ultra-wide viewing angle, vivid image, no blind spots


The LED rental screen has an ultra-wide viewing angle, allowing viewers to get a clear visual experience no matter what angle they look at. This vivid expression makes the content on the screen more three-dimensional and real, as if it is within reach. In addition, its design without blind spots ensures the integrity of information and the effectiveness of communication, allowing viewers in every corner to enjoy the same visual experience.


4. High-quality die-cast aluminum technology: thin and light design, easy to upgrade and maintain


The LED rental screen uses high-quality die-cast aluminum technology, and its thin and light design weighs only 7.9kg and is only 65mm thick. This design makes the entire screen lightweight, easy to lift and maintain. During the transportation and installation process, the burden on staff is reduced and work efficiency is improved. At the same time, the thinness of the screen also reduces the space requirements, making it more flexible for application in various venues.


5. Low energy consumption: 38% energy saving, more environmentally friendly and efficient


LED rental screens do not require traditional cooling systems and air conditioners for heat dissipation, greatly reducing energy consumption. Compared with ordinary LED displays, it is 38% more energy-saving, making the use of this display saving energy consumption and more environmentally friendly. In today's world where green environmental protection is advocated, this feature undoubtedly makes LED rental screens more competitive.


6. High protection level: IP66 waterproof level, able to cope with various outdoor environments with ease


The LED rental screen has a high waterproof rating of IP66 and can be used calmly in various outdoor application scenarios. Whether it's scorching sun or continuous rain, it can maintain stable operation and solve users' waterproofing problems in outdoor application scenarios. This allows it to continue to perform its excellent performance in various harsh environments, adding more protection to various outdoor activities.


7. Anti-collision design: protect LED lamp beads from accidental damage


the LED rental screen adopts an anti-collision design, which plays an important role in protecting the LED lamp beads and effectively avoids damage caused by accidental collisions. This design undoubtedly increases the durability of the display and ensures reliability in long-term use. At the same time, it also reduces repair costs and time losses caused by accidental damage, bringing investors greater return on investment.


8. Modular design: high stability and easy maintenance features


The LED rental screen adopts a modular design, making installation and maintenance easier and more efficient. The modular design makes the connection between each module stronger and more stable, ensuring the stability of the screen during operation. At the same time, the modular design also facilitates maintenance and upgrades of the screen by maintenance personnel, reducing maintenance costs and time costs, making the entire project more cost-effective.

outdoor LED rental screen