Outdoor LED rental screen

Showtechled Outdoor LED rental screen-Innovative Technology Creates a Shocking Visual Feast " Exclusive for Outdoor Rental "
the era of continuous development and innovation of modern Outdoor LED rental screen , Outdoor LED rental screens have become one of the important media for stage display screens, large dinner screens, and celebrity concerts . In this field, ShowtechledOutdoor LED rental screen relies on its outstanding innovation and eye-catching effects .

 Outdoor LED rental screen

Lets introduce the advantages of ShowtechledOutdoor LED rental screen?


1. High transparency: LED ice screen has high transparency and can provide excellent visual effects. Its transparency can range from 45 % to 85 % depending on the pixel resolution , allowing the screen to display content without blocking the landscape behind it, achieving perfect integration.


2. Modular design: The LED ice screen adopts a modular design, which allows the power back cover , module and box structure to be quickly maintained and replaced , greatly saving the lessor's maintenance costs .


3. Light screen body : The screen body of the LED ice screen weighs about 7.5 kg, which is the lightest LED ice screen currently on the market.


4. Appearance customization: The opaque parts of the LED ice screen are the display circuit part and the structural support rod. Both parts can be customized with patterns and colors to adapt to different places and applications.


5. High brightness and low power consumption: The LED ice screen has high brightness, with a brightness of up to 5 500cd/m² , making it still clearly visible under strong sunlight. At the same time, its power consumption is low, it saves more than 30% energy than ordinary LED displays, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


6. Waterproof performance: LED ice screen has excellent outdoor waterproof performance and can maintain stable working condition under harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain and typhoon days .


7. Supports outdoor fixed installation: Outdoor LED rental screen support installation on exterior walls, showcases, curtain walls, etc. of buildings without taking up additional space.


8. High protection level: The LED ice screen has a high protection IP66 level and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as sandstorms, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc. This enables the LED outdoor transparent screen to work stably under various extreme weather conditions and maintain good display effects.

 Outdoor LED rental screen

Showtechled' Outdoor LED rental screen has the advantages of high permeability, modular design, light screen body , customized appearance, high brightness and low power consumption, waterproof performance, support for outdoor fixed installation and high protection level, and is widely used on stages . Displays, large dinners, celebrity concerts, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other indoor and outdoor or semi- outdoor places.


  Outdoor LED rental screen